• Nov 17,2020
  • Team

Memorable Moments with Jonathan Da Cruz

How do you look back on your time at DADO, and what are you looking forward to the most?

When I look back at my time at DADO, I think about my personal growth in all aspects. I am thankful for the talent, diligence, and entrepreneurial spirit of my DADO family on being the root of that growth. The moment I walked into our first office on Miami Beach as an Intern, I knew I was about to be part of something special. I personally look forward to the world seeing the incredible projects that have yet to be released. I may be biased… but y’all are going to be blown away. 

Favorite Album?

This is so hard! Currently, my favorite is the new Disco by Kylie Minogue album. “Go-to” album would have to be Pure Heroin by Lorde.

Most memorable design moment since DADO’s inception?

Every design project has had some memorable moment in some way. I think the most memorable would be working on the OceaniaNEXT revitalization project. I will always remember the last day of dry dock, watching the first passengers interacting and experiencing the newly designed spaces, while hearing their positive comments. Working with the incredible team, from the client, to the contractors, the entire experience was truly a design highlight in my career.