• Nov 15,2020
  • Team

Memorable Moments with Zack Niphatkosalsilp

How do you look back on your time at DADO, and what are you looking forward to the most?

When I looked back at the time before joining DADO, I knew in my heart that they would be successful in what they do. It is not only because they are capable, but they love what they do and know how to do it very well. It was the right decision for me to join DADO. Our office that we proudly call home. We are here working hard but treat others with respect and as families and friends. We always find ways to take care of others in business or personal matters. In the future, I am sure we will carry even more responsibility and with greater success. Nonetheless what I do not want to see is the change of who we are when the firm grows.

Favorite Album?

Matchbox Twenty – Mad Season

Most memorable design moment since DADO’s inception?

I love the X’Mas DADO tradition where we all go someplace together and have fun outside the office. After lunch at Aventura mall, many of us went to the slide tower, that was fun and we shared a lot of laughs.