• Nov 19,2020
  • Team

Memorable Moments with Sandra C. Ramos

How do you look back on your time at DADO, and what are you looking forward to the most?

I look back on starting in a new company, and I remember Greg saying that NCL was going to give us Leonardo (we have come a long way). We were in a temporary office with a few people.  I got into a business where I had to learn new terminology, meet new vendors, and consider new requirements on the products. These kinds of projects make my job exciting. Now we are in a beautiful office with more people and we have become a family, a growing family. I look forward to the future by continuing to help in whatever is needed and getting better in whatever I do. I see an exciting future and I would love to continue to be part of it.

Favorite Album?

Rocio Jurado

Most memorable design moment since DADO’s inception?

Moxy project was fun. Also, all my personal projects that I have felt cared by all.