• Jan 21,2019

Studio DADO: 2018 Year-end Review

Studio DADO: 2018 Year-end Review

Looking back, we have to say 2018 was an incredible year. We’d love to tell you about it!

|S T U D I O D A D O B R A N D|

Because we really care about design and user experience, we finally took the time to finalize and document the Studio DADO brand look and feel. Check it out — we’re pretty psyched about it!

The new Studio DADO brand

The colors: we settled on a bright, energetic palette of refreshing colors that captures the energy and exuberance of the Studio DADO team and our work.

The logo: designing and choosing a logo that’s equally professional without looking and feeling stuffy was a real challenge. We think our choice says a lot about our culture — it’s unusual and provocative without pretension or mystery. (We especially love the way it’s reminiscent of a die face — remember, dado means “dice” in Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.)

The typography: we wanted simple, easy-to-read typefaces without the fussy flourishes of serif letters. Perhaps we were more than a little inspired by Gary Hustwit’s incredible film Helvetica. Mission accomplished!

This is what a design session in our studio looks like

|S T U D I O D A D O S T O R Y|

Celebrating the launch of our new brand, as well as Founding Partner Greg Walton’s birthday

This year we took the time to set up social media channels. Granted, they’re not as much fun as actually going to work in the studio with the team — still, we wanted to create a simple way for our friends and clients to connect with us, and stay current on our work (and play).

You’ll find updates on our current projects, shout-outs to our favorite vendors, a glimpse into our studio celebrations, and, yes, pics of Enzo because he’s arguably the most photogenic of us all.

Enzo and Suki

|D E B U T I N G S T U D I O D A D O|

Christening the new studio with our mentor, the”Godfather” of Studio DADO, Howard Snoweiss at the 2nd Anniversary Party.

Uno, dos, DADO!

We celebrated our two-year anniversary by inviting our amazing staff, incredible clients, awesome friends, and faithful family to our Coral Gables studio to thank them for all their efforts and support. We couldn’t do it without all of you!

Yes, we do have stuff worth celebrating. Say hello to #58 on Interior Design’s Hospitality Giants list for 2018 — not bad for a two-year-old firm, hmm? Better yet, Conde Nast Traveler’s the Best Cruise Ships in the World chose Oceania Insignia and dropped a Studio DADO shout-out in their write-up. Being recognized for our passion, professionalism and hard work by the industry — is an honor.

Our new studio in Coral Gables

Oh, did we mention our new studio at Puerta Del Sol at Douglas Entrance, in Coral Gables? Yes — the projects keep growing, and so do we! Our new address, a historically designated location (amazing for its inspiration!) puts us closer to our clients and other design firms.

|S T U D I O D A D O 2 0 1 9|

As much as we love celebrating our successes, we aren’t content to go on and on about the work we’ve already done. What really thrills us are the new projects ahead — including:

  • Redesign the guest accommodation and public spaces on Oceania Cruises’ four Regatta-class cruise ships
  • Design Sky Suites on Princess Cruises’ Sky Princess and Emerald Princess
  • Choreograph spaces on Regent Seven Seas Cruises’ Seven Sea Splendor and Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Encore

2019 is already looking to be a fantastic year for Studio DADO!

Once again, to our incredible network of family, friends, clients, and vendors — THANK YOU! Without you, there would be no Studio DADO.

We’re going to be busy, so make sure to stay connected on social media for the latest updates on our projects (and lots of pictures of Enzo).