• Dec 07,2018

New Site, Who Dis?

We are Studio DADO, a Miami-based design firm renowned for crafting unique guest-focused experiences that celebrate your brand’s story.

Welcome aboard!

Much like our studio, our website is a bright, ever-evolving space that reflects our company culture and work—innovative, solution-oriented, memorable, and joyful at the core.

So, scroll through our Portfolio to look at a collection of our most recent, award-winning projects. You can click on the View Project button to get an image gallery and in-depth description.

Hooked? This is just the beginning!

Love our designs? We do, too! We’re proud our clients have called our projects “intriguing” and “unique.”
Want to take a deep dive into Studio DADO?

  • About: This is Studio DADO: the perfect amalgamation of knowledge, relentless work ethic, wit, and a touch of the rebellious. Learn more…
  • Approach: Our approach defines us as designers as much as any finished project. Learn how we work, from the first contact with a new client, through the design process, to the cocktail party launching the finished space. Cheers!
  • Portfolio: Take a look at our completed design projects, and you’ll notice our designs change, while our clients don’t. We’re proud of the connections and friendships we’ve forged with our clients. Since we can’t show that in pictures, take a look at our latest projects.
  • Blog: Delve into the world of Studio DADO—creative, honest, witty, and always solution-driven. Read about more than just our design adventures because we love to share our travel stories, creative discoveries, community outreach efforts, and everything that excites us.
  • Buzz: We’re flattered by all the attention! See our achievements and awards, our work in the community, and everything else.

Talk to us…

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We look forward to hearing from you. Cheers!