• Aug 31,2021
  • Projects

Regent’s Seven Seas Grandeur Compass Rose Restaurant

Studio DADO’s latest reimagining of Regent’s ultra-luxury vessel Seven Seas Grandeur is a masterpiece of heightened elegance and innovation. Our team’s transformative vision for the ship’s design blends the familiarity of nature and residential comforts with design-forward functionality to captivate new and returning travelers alike. 

Our new interpretation of Compass Rose, the premier dining experience at the heart of the ship, boasts immersive interiors and opulent style. Elevating Seven Seas Grandeur’s modern ocean cruising experience, we designed expansive spaces meant to be thoroughly enjoyed, from the larger elements down to every curated detail like the dinnerware, for example. 

Drawing inspiration from the natural world, we sought to create an enchanting journey for guests. They are greeted at the foyer by an elaborate waterfall sculpture–made of metal and crystals–that flows down from a backlit onyx skylight. This astonishing piece welcomes them into the main dining room, where a canopy of trees forges a glimmering lattice above.

Our designers channeled the spirit of nature throughout the dining room by using natural luxe materials like marbles and woods, and custom art installations. These features invite guests to indulge all their senses while they bask in the ship’s plush interiors.



We captured an ethereal atmosphere in Compass Rose through imaginative architectural design elements like the multidimensional waterfall sculpture at the entrance, a leaf-patterned ceiling, and a forest that guests can explore as they move deeper into the space. 

Columns transform into crystal-encrusted trees that open to the ceiling, forming a glowing canopy of illuminated, interweaved branches that engage guests in a unique, interactive, and unforgettable experience. All these elements encourage guests to see beyond their imagination and embark on this captivating culinary journey. 

We look forward to unveiling the rest of the spaces designed and curated by Studio DADO for this project. Stay tuned as our design narrative for Seven Seas Grandeur unfolds.