The Improv at Sea

Is comedy art or science? It’s up to guests to decide inside this venue! The concept for Prima’s comedy club, originated from the notion of a mad scientist seeking to create a recipe for laughter. The entrance features a periodic table wall highlighting a new element, “Sc” (Sarcasm), setting the expectation that an innovative and curious experience awaits inside. As the doors open, guests will immediately make their way to rich leather seats facing a stage with a chalkboard-like background. Seating comes in the form of a long-benched booth located to one side of the stage and natural-finished chairs arranged in theater style, flanked by stone side tables. The “laboratory of laughter” theme is notable in the ceiling lights that resemble the glass bottoms of mixing cylinders. Before the show, guests can order themed “lab of laughs” drinks from a well-appointed bar. No design detail was overlooked, including remarkable millwork elements like the custom bookshelves showcasing collected scientific oddities. This warm atmosphere provides the right ingredients for laughter-filled experiences.