Spa Stateroom

To create thoughtful, guest-centric stateroom designs that are innovative both visually and functionally, Studio DADO developed a base of the Carnival brand from its past by studying research that was established by a third-party consulting firm, then steered the Carnival team towards pushing aesthetic boundaries from the conceptual stages. The staterooms were designed with a new generation of travelers in mind aiming to create a fresh atmosphere embellished with timeless and meticulously placed features that capture the new spirit of Carnival.

DADO’s carefully curated designs balance leading-edge elements upon entering the staterooms - they evoke an emotional response, joy, and comfort; they boast ageless panache, and the materials used are purposeful and maintain durability. Balcony suites include floor-to-ceiling glass doors for vast ocean views streamlining the brightness of the light airy wood tones found throughout the space, making it look and feel larger - and promoting feelings of happiness. From curvilinear millwork and countertops detailed with routed out handles to the elongated, linear, curved desk and vanity units with rounded edges, seamless designs add a sleek and contemporary interest to the space while softening hard lines. The custom-designed printed wallcovering complimenting the uplit headboard sparks a pop of color and creates dimension. The wardrobe offers multipurpose options for organization and storage.

Understanding that durability is the cornerstone to stateroom design due to its frequent use, the DADO team centered its conceptual process around durable materials such as wood laminate, solidcore surface countertops, powder-coated metals, stainless steel, custom lighting, and reliable custom goods crafted by talented and reputable manufacturers.

Studio DADO brought to life Carnival’s vision and elevated the ship’s room spaces to be more ergonomically friendly, contemporary, and revolutionary for the brand. The cutting-edge staterooms are industry-leading and paving the way for a new modern era in cruise ship design.