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    Sky Princess


    October 2019


    Hospitality - New Build - Suites

Crowning the heights of the Princess Sky Cruise Ship, the Sky Suites offers the largest balcony at sea with over 1,000 sq feet of space and an unparalleled 270-degree panorama from the interior. Studio DADO aimed to launch a new era in design, one that steps away from the ornate, and brings a modern design aesthetic defined by cleaner lines, more gray colors, and fresher tones of blue.

Studio DADO selected design elements that created a harmony of the elegance and sophistication that Princess is known for with the feel of a modern high-end boutique hotel. From the angled walls to the ocean-facing master bed, the guest experience is completely unique. The custom chandelier is the perfect addition to the angled architecture and a decorative metal screen delicately separates the dining room from the living room, providing transparency throughout the space while creating a visual division.