Penrose Atrium

The Atrium on board Prima blends futuristic architecture with the sense of wonder of the ocean’s earliest explorers. The Studio DADO team pushed the architectural bounds of the grand space and manipulated geometry to create a unique and memorable feel. As guests make their way into the Atrium, their attention will be immediately drawn upward to the ceiling. The large-scale chandelier piece is inspired by the various points of light visible in a star formation and was custom created by the renowned Czech lighting design firm Lasvit. The feature stair element is a futuristic linear masterpiece that will transport guests into space. The high-gloss wood and custom cast grand stair offers an impressive procession down the Atrium’s three levels. Framing the stair is a three-deck-high light feature that creates the feeling of the sun rising on the horizon. To continue on the theme of historical sea travel, a sculptural piece that evokes land seen from afar lies within the features.

Following the stairs, guests walk into the impeccably appointed reception. Pieces in this space create a beautiful contrast between a collection of finely crafted and refined antiques, and the forward-thinking design of the new and modern. This expert symphony of rustic and modern styles is composed of a rich number of layers that, when peeled away, reveal more surfaces and textures. The focal point of the reception area is a custom piece that resembles a topographic map of the ocean made of metal and lighting elements. From every vantage point of the Atrium, discerning guests will perceive bold straight lines, minimal structure, and a light and airy design atmosphere.

Shopping is sprinkled throughout the Atrium’s three levels. Deck 6, the main deck, invites guests to relax with ample and thoughtfully located lounge-style seating and a vibrant bar where one can enjoy an afternoon cocktail. Deck 7 features elements from some of the world’s most famous squares and gathering places, such as St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican or St. Mark’s Square in Venice. These squares are lively places that encourage both public and private interactions and conversations. To create a similar dynamic, the design team planned a Starbucks Coffee on this deck to be a focal point of interaction. Different types of seating and tables are included in the layout to promote both privacy and conversation. Deck 8 features additional retail shops. For a more elevated bar experience, the whiskey decanter-inspired Whiskey Bar offers a curated selection of drinks in a crystal-cut glass-like atmosphere. The design gives guests the freedom and flexibility to explore and enjoy each space as they wish, at any time of the day.