Ocean Blue

Offering a full spectrum of design services - schematic design, documentation, implementation, coordination - Studio DADO curated a space originally built to be a French bistro, in a matter of weeks.

A Norwegian Cruise Line restaurant venue, Ocean Blue transcends its purpose as a culinary destination and transports patrons to a cosmopolitan, Pacific Northwest-inspired haven. Spanning 1950 square feet, with seating capacity for 94 people, Ocean Blue opts for sea-kissed symbolism over thematically nautical design by highlighting actual elements of the water. Foamy white cap waves outline the exterior in the form of accent lighting, abstract murals serve as a window into which clients can escape to sea, three-dimensional fixtures trim the walls as seagulls grazing the tide.

With time to market as a limiting factor, Ocean Blue was conceptualized within one week, and renderings were done within two weeks to present to Norwegian. Dimensions had been pre-established for another project, so Ocean Blue was actually planned within the confines of a space that hadn’t been built for it. The Studio DADO designers saw this as more of a challenge than a limitation, and were able to ultimately bring guests aboard an elegant, ethereal seafood dining experience.

There has been an overwhelmingly positive response from both the wait staff, in terms of space usage and practicality, as well as from patrons who express their intention to escape to Ocean Blue again and again.