Observation Lounge

Sitting atop the ship, the Observation Lounge is a multi-use refuge with different zones for lounging, reading, playing games, or grabbing a small, delicious bite. A cozy, homey ambiance invites guests to lounge and socialize within the different alcoves, separated by elegant screens and partitions, and decide how they wish to spend their time.

The color palette of ambers, soft neutrals, and other rich and warm hues was selected to not compete with the extensive view. By allowing the exterior colors to bleed into the space, nature becomes both an indoor and outdoor experience. The wings of the monarch butterfly inspired the carpet design. This butterfly is known to travel long distances, similar to the passengers aboard Prima. Fanciful telescopes encourage guests to view ports of call or observe the calming effect of the distant seas. Guests who prefer a quiet moment of reading and learning can make use of the library that lines one of the lounge's walls. The lounge also features a bar and mini buffet with comfortable leather bar stools.