A vivid look into the art of this well-known culinary creation, the Sushi Restaurant transports guests to Japan to not only savor sushi but to live it. Considering the ingredients used in a variety of sushi, the design team integrated the marbling of fish into the reception desk. As guests enter the space, they will note the subtle influence of masago (fish eggs) on the color palette selections. The suspended light fixtures are a whimsical Japanese touch that sets the tone for an ambiance of total enjoyment.

The main bar displays the freshest sushi made in-house by the sushi chefs as guests watch. For a truly authentic Japanese experience, guests can reserve one of the elevated platforms where they can tuck their shoes underneath before being seated on floor cushions. Should they need additional legroom, the table is fitted with hydraulics and can be raised to diners’ preference. This unique experience is a complete cultural ceremony and provides one of those experiential moments Prima will be known for.