Le Bistro

Capturing the romance and intrigue of a rendezvous in Paris, Le Bistro elegantly replicates a meal between lovers in a French apartment. The entrance features traditional glass paneling with a two-dimensional shadowbox effect that includes a chandelier etched on a mirror. A sophisticated, neutral color palette will draw guests into a world of refined delight. A series of three floor-to-ceiling chandeliers is the focal point of the restaurant. Their crystals are designed to stay static even with the sway of the ship. The engineering of the chandeliers ensures exquisite reflections across the restaurant without risking breakage. Coffered ceilings and plaster moldings interact with modern furniture and parquet flooring to enhance a cultured experience similar to the emblematic Halls of Mirrors in the grand Palace of Versailles.

Guests can also enjoy gold-leaf dining alcoves featuring a golden and neutral palette with plush blue accents.