At Teppanyaki Restaurant, guests may momentarily wonder if they mistakenly entered an Asian art gallery instead of their dinner venue. The restaurant pays notable homage to Japan’s rich history of craftsmanship, with features that stay true to its clean-lined design. The restaurant's exterior walls are arranged in a way that creates artistically curated moments. The teppanyaki hoods are concealed with Japanese blue and white patterned shroud, while the atmospheric light fixtures are reminiscent of the Japanese lantern festivals, with lights disappearing into the ceiling. Walls are not lined with a traditional wallpaper application but with tatami mats. Bamboo-patterned blue glass tiles carry the theme of subtle to vibrant blues throughout. Handcrafted pottery and artwork by contemporary Japanese artists are also exquisitely displayed on floating, minimalist shelves. All these elements invite guests into the artisanship of Japan through art and culinary masterpieces.