Compass Rose

Focused on creating an immersive experience, Studio DADO developed a captivating journey for guests in the ship's main dining room, Compass Rose. Located opposite the Grand Stair on Deck 5, Compass Rose encourages guests to move beyond their imaginations and into an enchanting magical forest. Setting the tone for unexpected delights, the maître d’ sits under an open sky with a sculptural waterfall flowing behind.

The multi-dimensional waterfall is created of laser-cut gradating glass and metal invoking a curiosity for what lies beyond the space. Guests follow the organic patterned floor into a canopy of trees and glowing lights. The crystal ceiling canopy is edge-illuminated and subtly reflects glimmers of light atop the guests which transform from day to evening. Each crystal creates a gradient effect that navigates the guests’ eyes towards the awning of branches that forge an interwoven lattice above. The effect is nostalgic, reminiscent of a child laying on the forest floor and gazing up through the trees beyond the stars. The color palette is calm, allowing the architectural forms and materiality to take center stage.

White onyx is back-illuminated, medium-tone woods add warmth, and Calacatta gold veins sparkle in the marble. The exterior walls feature sinuous shapes that mimic leaves connecting the ceiling with the walls. The formed arches apex at the highest point of the ceiling to maximize height. Traveling deeper into the “forest,” the back wall features glass panels, gold leafing, and columns. The totality of the space and its luxe details engage the senses at any time of day.