Balcony Suite

Graceful movement. Superior craftsmanship. Relaxed elegance. Prima’s suites were designed to provide fluidity between the day’s excitement and the evening’s relaxation. Shifting from the bold color palettes aboard Norwegian’s Jewel, Epic, and Breakaway classes, the Studio DADO design team curated a more muted, elevated, and tailored neutral palette. A mix of textures and furniture pieces within the color palette complemented the design aesthetic to showcase form and function. Lighter wood was utilized to create an airy and spacious experience. The bed was moved close to the window to create a sense of grandeur and roominess, while the seating area was placed near the entrance.

Three distinct areas open the floorplan: the dressing gallery, the living room, and the bedroom. The European dressing gallery design allowed for elements to be manufactured in a modular format. The beds’ sleigh design creates a striking visual piece in the room. Custom collage artwork of nature and butterflies hangs above each bed. Connectivity features such as USB ports are seamlessly integrated into fixtures at arm’s reach. A digital thermostat ensures guests can sleep at their desired temperature, even at sea.

The shower space in the bathroom was maximized by expanding it to the whole length of the room, providing a more residential feel. Studio DADO thought out a vanity design to include a place for everything. Lighting in the bathroom was strategically placed to avoid shadows and facilitate makeup application. The larger family suites integrate additional resting pieces in the living room with multi-use poufs and an additional bedroom for children.