• Mar 05,2021
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Studio DADO Receives the Award for Design Excellence (ADEX) for “Voyages Collection”

Collaboration with Kravet Recognized by Architecture & Design Industry Leaders and Experts

Miami, FL, March 4, 2021Miami-based, boutique design studio, Studio DADO, announces its Award for Design Excellence (ADEX). The honor distinguishes the firm’s inaugural textile line, the “Voyages Collection,” which has made considerable waves in the cruise and hospitality markets since its release last summer. In partnership with Kravet, a fifth-generation industry leader in textiles and home furnishings, the design studio’s debut of the luxury leisure-inspired collection, marks the first release from the collaborative product line with plans for expansion.


Hailed as the largest and most prestigious design competition in architecture and design, the ADEX is the industry stamp of approval for groundbreaking designs that demonstrate superior innovation, function and aesthetics. Approximately 3,000 internationally renowned industry professionals comprise the ADEX global advisory board and during the 2020-2021 submission cycle, over 600 companies participated in the ADEX Awards.


Steered by partners Greg Walton, Javier Calle, Jorge Mesa, and Yohandel Ruiz, Studio DADO has paved the way for unparalleled excellence in the hospitality design arena. This award is a testament to the skill, ingenuity, and vision of their vast array of design skills and 60 years of cumulative experience in the hospitality and cruise industries, as well their seamless collaborative efforts alongside Kravet designers.


“As creatives, we’re embarking on different journeys that inspire how we approach designing custom furniture and fabrics that will ultimately curate an entire experience. We are honored to be recognized amongst our peers as we continue to collectively serve astute design clientele” – Jorge Mesa, Studio DADO.



Conceptualized from a necessity for fabrics that meet stringent, marine specific regulations – like IMO requirements and passing NFPA 701 standards – the Voyages Collection emerged from the blended aesthetics and visions of Studio DADO and Kravet, resulting in a curated multifaceted collection that suits the needs of the IMO standards and brings the comforts of home to the cruise industry.


“The Voyages Collection was a wonderful opportunity for Kravet Contract to collaborate with a team of experts. Studio Dado’s extensive insight into the Cruise world helped guide the design direction as we worked together on patterns, color, and the intricacies of fire safety protocol. The result is a beautiful collection that combines the expertise of Kravet Contract with the style of Studio DADO, bringing Kravet Inc. into the world of Cruise with a splash.” – Karen Keating, Design Director, Kravet Contract


The Voyages Collection boasts a decorative, lifestyle assemblage of drapery and multipurpose fabrics showcased throughout staterooms, suites, and public spaces. Many of the featured fabrics are wide width, introducing new graphic designs and textures. The aesthetics are clean, modern, serene and functional, complimented by a calming and sophisticated color palette. The collection encompasses a complete offering, including upholstery, sheers, and multiuse materials that elevate the atmosphere, promoting luxury and ease.


“As a multidisciplinary studio, we couldn’t be prouder of this inaugural offering. The collection, inspired by our travels around the world, brings together a palette that is international and can be used in a multitude of environments and regions. Our goal was to create a truly cosmopolitan offering not tied to a particular look or style but representative of the diverse portfolio that our Studio is known for.” – Yohandel Ruiz, Studio DADO.


Speaking to the strength of the collaboration and the initial success of the Voyages Collection, Studio DADO and Kravet are embarking on another design journey together and look forward to bringing the new collection to market within the next year.


About Studio DADO

Since 2016, Miami-based Studio DADO has asserted itself as one of the most sought-after design firms, quickly building a reputation for creating luxurious, one-of-a-kind, interactive designs that keep the guest experience at the forefront of every venture. Recent DADO projects have been featured in major media industry and travel publications’ “best of the best” ships lists, including Conde Nast Traveler’s “Best Cruise Ships in the World: 2019 Gold List,” CNN Travel’s “The Best New Cruise Ships for 2019,” USA Today’s “Hottest New Cruise Ships of 2019,” and The Telegraph’s “16 Most Spectacular Cruise Ships Setting Sail in 2019.”


The boutique cruise ship and hospitality design studio uses its 60 years of cumulative design experience to deliver striking, clever design solutions and think outside the box to remain at the forefront of industry innovation. By synthesizing functionality and elegance, DADO breathes vibrance and utility into every location its designers take on. Both passionate and purposeful, DADO designers have transformed some of the most impressive spaces on board ships. Since its inception in 2016, memorable aesthetics, appreciation of culture, and a firm understanding of both client and patron needs have established Studio DADO as a world-class hospitality design studio. To learn more about current projects, follow Studio DADO on Instagram @studiodado or visit their website at www.studiodado.com.


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