• Jul 06,2022
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That’s a Wrap: Our Five Big Takeaways from CSI America 2022

Earlier this month the cruise industry gathered in Miami to talk about, well, the cruise industry. Here at Studio DADO, we always enjoy CSIE, and this year was no exception. It gives us a chance to catch up with old friends, make a few new ones, and hear what some of the brightest minds in the industry had to say.

As usual, we took a booth (more on this later) and had a bit of fun with our DADO Beach Club vibe, serving up delicious scoops of DADO Gelato, which was the hit of the show. Truth be told, the frozen treats facilitated a lot of great conversations with people from across the industry, and we came home glad we were in the room.

Here are our five big takeaways from CSI America.


1. The Cruise Industry Proves Buoyant

Attendees came to chill with us from all over the world. SPOTTED: Toby Walters, CEO of Elite Exhibitions

Sure, we’ve all weathered turbulent waters over the last two years but we can’t think of a more optimistic time to be in this industry. Yes, attendance was down from 2019 but those who did find their way to the Miami Beach Convention Center saw an industry abuzz with positive energy, a few big announcements, and some fresh ideas.

Overall, there is reason to cheer. Passenger embarkations are up and close to pre-pandemic levels. And this year will see the launch of nearly 20 new ocean-going vessels, at least five of which are LNG-powered. This includes Norwegian Prima, a ship with extensive design work from Studio DADO, and is set to sail her maiden voyage later this summer.

2. Sustainability is Here to Stay

DADO Founding Partner Greg Walton speaks on the importance of sustainable design and resiliency.

We were pleasantly surprised to see a much bigger emphasis on sustainability and green design principles. The good news is that this focus is coming not just from designers but from all aspects of a ship’s life cycle. From product selection to the lifespan of different materials and systems and how they react to the environment once removed during renovation, making more environmentally friendly choices was a major topic of conversation at the show.

3. Blurring the Lines Between Land and Sea is the Right Move

DADO Founder Partner Javier Calle shares his answer to the eternal mystery of what makes great design

Cruise ship interiors have traditionally had enough idiosyncrasies that they stand apart from other types of environments, like land-based hotels, apartments, and restaurants. In our own work, we have steadily been blurring those lines and making our cruise ship projects feel much more like boutique hotels, luxury residences, and landmark dining experiences. Based on what we saw at CSIE, this blend of project types is the right move and we are looking forward to seeing how we can push it even further in the coming year.

4.People *Really* Like Mango Lassi Gelato

Our DADO Gelato was a big hit. Mango Lassi was by far the most popular flavor and it was gone before the end of the first day!

Serving up decadent scoops of #DADOGelato

A few days after CSIE, we read that Princess Cruises is introducing authentic gelato aboard their ships—coincidence? Or did we start a trend? You be the judge.

5. Cruise Ships Are Evolving

One of the most important takeaways is that cruise lines have spent the last few years reinventing themselves and bringing their brands into a new era. They continue to use new ideas about design, amenities, and floorplans to keep the industry current and flexible for the next generation.

We’ll see you next time.

Did we mention we won Best Booth Design? Thanks, CSIE 2022!