• Dec 30,2020
  • Projects

Singing a New Tune: Finding Creativity and ​Melody​ In Uncharted Waters…

If you read our birthday blog series, Memorable Moments, our team members may have sounded a bit like a broken record. Their most commented moments included “being thrown” into new verticals and scopes that just keep on growing… in a great way! 

Aspiring to be stellar employers and team players, of course, we did it again. New vertical, new scope, new ship, completely new horizon. 

On the heels of our Interior Design Magazine award as “The Fastest Growing Firm,” we are joining the fastest growing domestic cruise line as sole architect in the design of their newest riverboat, American Melody

American Cruise Lines is an iconic American hospitality brand and we were thrilled to sit down with their team to hear about where they are cruising next, literally and figuratively. Setting sail down the Mississippi River in 2021, American Melody is an unveiling of sorts for ACL’s refreshed brand as it looks forward to welcoming its loyal, multi-cruise guests onboard. As the brand anticipates a stellar year ahead of domestic travel, the newest riverboat offered our team full creative reign to design a truly stunning “home on the water of the Mississippi.”

Fun Fact: ACL’s previous riverboats- for the entirety of the brand’s history- were designed in-house. Studio DADO is the first outside firm entrusted with an interior design of one of their riverboats. We’re honored!

Drawing upon ACL’s Americana roots and destinations, we selected an elevated, yet relaxed color palette to draw up the grand staircase, onto the decks and sublime dining rooms and finally into their peaceful, iconic staterooms. The design elements focus on 21st century hospitality thoughtfulness including device charges in lamps and other ease-of-travel touches our team keeps front of mind. A sense of refreshing serenity and style cohesion, from textile selections to architectural details, is evident across the spaces.

With a shared passion for truly exceptional travel experiences and design excellence,

American Cruise Lines and Studio DADO look forward to seeing guests enjoy these spaces very soon. Smooth sailing until then!